Family Life Center, Inc. embraces inclusiveness in all of its core values, policies, programs/services and daily operations.  This spirit of inclusiveness is reflected in the way we engage the broad participation of community and value diversity to inform and shape our approach to meeting the needs of the communities that we serve. 

The following core values guide us in the fulfillment of our mission: 

  • Compassion:  We value and respect the integrity and dignity of each individual we serve.  Our compassion is reflected in the generosity of spirit that governs our attitudes and actions and is evident in all that we say and do.  We believe that compassion is the foundation for mutual respect, trust, accountability and program/service excellence and defines how we work together.

  • Creativity:  A guiding value for St. Philip's Family Life Center, Inc. is that encouraging creative thought and provoking discussion leads to innovative solutions.  We encourage creativity, innovative thinking and risk-taking in the pursuit of strategies that will further our mission to meet community and societal needs.  We believe in the powerful assets of communities and the ability of creative and innovative thought to change lives.  Creativity is reflected in our responsiveness, our holistic approach and our shared purpose.

  • Commitment:  The board, staff, and volunteers of the St. Philip's Family Life Center, Inc. are personally committed to achieving the organization’s Mission and focus their efforts to achieve it daily. Our commitment is reflected in our dedication, professionalism, and standards of excellence.    

  • Stability:  We believe that faithfully maintaining and using to the fullest potential, our gifts of time, talents and resources will result in the creation of a strong organization and a more stable community.  Our holistic approach is designed to ensure the most productive use of resources and information, resulting in systemic solutions to challenging problems. We further believe that the responsible stewardship of the St. Philip's Family Life Center, I will result in changed lives for the children, youth, adults and families that we serve.